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Charcoal Commissions

Charcoal drawings are great for emotional and engaging works of art, while providing a dignified and historic look. Strong contrasts make a subject jump off the page, evoking a narrative and drawing the gaze. I would love to create a piece with a subject that's special to you.

Price: $1.10 per square inch

Minimum Size: 9"x12"

Common Sizes

  • 9"x12" - $120

  • 12"x18" - $237

  • 18"x24" - $475

My prices are set for a portrait of a single person, pet, or object. Additional subjects and/or a complex background will affect the pricing. I work with my clients to make sure I can make a piece work within their budget.

The Process

We will have a conversation about the piece of artwork you'd like me to create. I will send a preliminary draft sketch with a rough outline of how you'd like the piece to look. Once approved, I will require a 50% down payment to get started. The remaining 50% will be due upon completion of the work. I will provide a contract with the details of this process, ensuring both parties are protected.

Get Inspired

Let's Get Started

Tell me about your artwork.

Thanks for submitting!

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